4 09 2009


Who can forget the famous Beer summit held at the White House compound hosted by President Barack Obama.  Attendees of the Beer Picnic included Vice President Biden, and “burrying the hatchet” black scholar and white cop duo taking swigs together after a much heated issue occurred.

Here is actual AUDIO TRANSCRIPTIONS, captured from Official Photo/Video and Audio white House recordings.

For a great site that discusses good beer, check out The Beer Advocate.

First Rounds

A little bit into the Beer summit..we caught these clips……

Round 2

By now the conversation is leaning more towards the important stuff; why they really got together in the first place for.

Running Low

Biden, who wants no part in the conversation, clearly gives an excuse to leave.

4 rounds Later....

The Beer Summit at the White House was a success.  Both invitees said that the stalls in the bathrooms even had presidential seals on them, and that other than stepping on a couple of turds, the experience was great.

After the Summit, the President wanted to keep the party going and was later spotted at one of his hangouts at approximately 3AM.

Here is Barack Obama with Cloeset Friends and Buddies

Here is Barack Obama with Cloeset Friends and Buddies



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