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18 02 2010

We learn something new everyday, ay??

A Girl and A Big Weiner

18 02 2010

by Superforce

Ahhh so this is what people search for, eh?  Needless to say, the idea is genius.  A lady and a sausage, a girl and a big hot dog.  No matter how you say it, it’s poetic, isn’t it.  Lol.

Ok, enough!  Here’s how this idea really started.

This came to me one day when the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile was in town, and an associate and I saw it in a gas station, while a girl was buffing the hood.

The words ever so fluidly fluttered out my mouth as they said, “Look, a girl buffing a big weiner.” LOL

Thanks D, for grabbing an executive lunch with me on Wednesday and making me drive down the street which eventually lead to a girl polishing a big old weiner at a gas station.

Photo courtesy of Madskitz Production