Two Chicks and One Pussy

18 02 2010

Two chicks and one pussy.

Yes this is yet another crack at fancy wordplay.

Apparently, these keywords are in the top 100 search results of search engines.  Recent statistical research conducted by Newsvine of over ten Top Search Engines and High volume  traffic search sites is astounding.  The data collected states that over 50% of search queries are pornographically-related.

A Real Picture of A Real Pussy and Two Real Chicks




A Girl and A Big Weiner

18 02 2010

Ahhh so this is what people search for, eh?  Needless to say, the idea is genius.  A lady and a sausage, a girl and a big hot dog.  No matter how you say it, it’s poetic, isn’t it.  Lol.

Ok, enough!  Here’s how this idea really started.

This came to me one day when the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile was in town, and an associate saw it at a local gas station in Koreatown S. LA, while a girl was buffing the hood.

“Look, a girl shine that big ass weiner.” LOL


Photo courtesy of Madskitz Video and Lighting Production – California