2 03 2010

Racism or A Misunderstanding?

A bus fight broke out and a camera phone caught the entire ordeal.  A man wearing an I AM blue shirt and another man on the bus who happens to be African-American get into an exchange of words.  Although a black and a white guy fighting may seem racist, there will be times when the different races fight, and it’s not because of the colors of their skin, or ethnic backgrounds.

You be the judge and give your own comments and opinions, as you are entitled to in this beautiful country.  Is there racism involved?  Could the violence have triggered racism that may not have been present before the incident?  Is the black guy wrong?  Is the white guy wrong?  Is this just a misunderstanding, where one is right and one is wrong?

Opinionate, but don’t spread racism; it’s ignorant.  Make sure you listen to the audio before you pass judgement.  Learn to observe and form an intelligent conclusion.



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