22 03 2010

Ralph Macchio stopped by Joy Behar’s Show on HLN this weekend and confirmed one of my worst fears yet-  Will Smith is re-doing The Karate Kid.  It’s true.  The Mayans were looks like the end is coming after all.

My first reaction: WHAT?!  Are you friggin’ serious?  Where do you get off taking a legendary film, after Mr. Miyagi has passed away, and after Daniel San has a 14 year old son in real life and will not star in this one.  I’m sure it’ll be fascinating to watch, cinematic-wise, but, that’s because when you have billions of dollars to blow on your son by giving him a HUGE PRODUCTION, the film at least “looks” good.  Doesn’t mean it’ll actually BE GOOD.

That’s right, Ralph Macchio will not have any part in the new film and will not be a part of it, although him and Will Smith are actually good friends.  According to Macchio, Mr. MIB himself, who is producing this production for his son to play the leading role, called Ralph Macchio to let him know his intentions. (The Real Karate Kid)

On Joy Behar,  Macchio’s own words were, “Will called me and said, ‘I know I’m touching your baby, but I want your blessing.”  Apparently Macchio backs Smith’s plans, and responded with this, when Joy Behar asked him if he would star in it-

“I’m not going to be in it.  I wouldn’t want to touch the legacy that is behind this films that came out in the beginning.  I want to just leave that story and legacy (Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi) how it is.”

Words with meaning between the lines, perhaps?  I think Ralph is indirectly saying, “Will, stay the hell away from my baby.”  I think Macchio is just being polite, and Smith is being an ego-centric pig.

The reason the movie is being made is not even because of it’s legacy-  it’s literally a gift Will Smith wants to give his son!

Here’s my beef.  Does the word really need another Karate Kid?  Half the movie’s charm was found within Mr. Miyagi and his ways, and he’s no longer alive.  Without Miagi, it’s just another Rumble in The Bronx.  How about the fact that Will Smith is doing this “for his son”?  Gee, I wish I can give my son one of the greatest films for boy’s ever made and one of the fondest memories of movies from childhood, and put it in a box and give it to my son.

The Pursuit of Happiness starred Will’s little boy, and many other films.  Must be nice being privileged.  However, who cares about you and your family bond?   First Jada Pinkett tries to become a wanna be rocker singer and her and Will think they own the world.  Now it’s Will and his boy; yippee!  Just look how cheery they look in that picture above; it’s disgusting. Seriously, just put down the film legacies, and drop the egos for a second, so we can clear all this up and make it better.

Looks like The Church of Scientology has created yet another fine specimen of the human ego’s crap when it mixes with a lot of riches and could do anything they want.  NOBODY WILL GO SEE YOU NEW STUPID KARATE KID MOVIE, WILL!  Especially when you call Macchio to ask for his blessing as if him not giving you the blessing would have stopped you, you big ego’d hound.

Leave childhood movies alone!  They are not gifts to give your son and have him star in for your own personal egotistical satisfaction.  You’re becoming borderline Michael Jackson-ish in your splurging.  You’re worst than Beauty Pageant mothers pushing their 4 year old daughters on stage to look like 30 year old models.

Will Smith is worse than the mother's that put their kids through this.

The only thing that will be anything like the original Karate Kid with this project is that Will Smith’s son will really be picked on and bullied (hopefully) for taking part in this massacre of a film legacy.  Some people believe Godfather 3 was an abomination.  This will make G3 look like the Easter Bunny!

You thought The Next Karate Kid was bad?  At least that one still had Pat Morita(Mr.Miyagi) starring in it?

What’s this one going to be like?  The Fresh Karate Kid of Belle Aire?  This is worse than Lucas and Spielberg going back and pulling out their old films and “touching them up” instead of leaving them like they were- BUT WORSE…WAY WORSE.

SINCE we’re on the subject of Will Smith-  Welcome To Miami should be pulled from the records of history and burned into non-existent.  Is there anything that you have seen that you do not want to put your name on, Will?  Is nothing sacred, or are we still living in your Big Willy Getting Jiggy With It All-About-You-World?

COME NOW, we do Kata!

We highly recommend you check out the inspiring story of Young Monique Sciberras in the style and fashion of the old Karate Kid movie and teachings.



20 responses

5 04 2010
David sciberras

To the new karate kid film makers eat my dust you pack of week flea riden anamals you will not crush my girls new movie no there are no chinese hackers these are just stories made up by evil people like mr smith so please people boycott the new karate kid if they need fulltime hackers on the job 24 7 there is something wrong my girls you tube channel has been sent to poland and its in a diffent langauge david sciberras channel check it out if you can find it. Its meant to be in australia yes mr smith a ko for u would be the best order . Just check out monique sciberras on youtube

5 04 2010

David, I must say, hahaha that was funny!. thanks for that, and yes, mr smith, leave the movie alone- after all, we all know what happend when Indy tampered with the Ark of The Covenant! LOL

14 04 2010
david sciberras

New karate kid makers stand over little girls like former world karate champion monique sciberras now i think the best thing for that movie would be for monique to ko mr chan that would be the only good thing about that movie so no more stories about chinese russian asian polish hackers just tell the truth i get on your trailers everyday and talk about how new karate kid cartel hack my site and freeze computers so that means your hits on your karate kid site are false your pulling numbers out of the air.I did start this by doing a reserch and data marketing experiment over three days but when they locked over 100 pc,s everyday the alarm bells started ringing i would walk into a place to use a pc and everybody else would wall out truth and nothing but the truth thankyou david sciberras Australia

12 04 2010

Wow, lots of movies have been remade and they first versions are still intact. You are all being too harsh and need to stop. Some things do need to be left alone, but there is a new generation and they would like to rediscover this movie. So, don’t go see the movie! Millions will. My grandson and his friends are going as part of his birthday. Yes, he has seen all of the Karate kid movies and even did a book report about it after he read the book. Yes, he is excited about seeing this version also. So grown ups, leave it up to the kids to discover whether or not they will like this movie. Grow up and get over it!!!

14 04 2010
david sciberras

new karate kid vs monique sciberras 1100 flyers and posters were hung up around sdyney over the week end they were all hung up and put in prime locations magor fight clips were lucky to get one hit every three days i really think goole youtube production companys one firm and have to much control over the world

19 04 2010
david sciberras

My name is David Sciberras father of Monique Sciberras Owner of Mount Sciberras Productions I would like to say my battle with makers of new karate kid is far from over it has been an on going battle sometimes 8 hours a day some times from 6 in the morning till 8 at night hackers sometimes crash over 100 Pc,s a day this I think is in protection of the new karate kid investment. This all started when i done a data researce and marketing experiment that turn out badly for new karate kid when i was about to stop this data collection experiment i noticed a lot of strange things going on and these things got worse and worse to the point that some one must have been screaming cant you look after this do your job this is what im paying you to do yes (hackers) working for new karate kid and mr smith so it seems to me this is far from a free world but a way to controll the world through a pc something everybody has got in the world hep were all puppets to the new world order. Anyway Monique Sciberras movie is a real life documentary about a simple child with special needs monique was born with an intellectual disability where she had to go to a special school for 12 months with other children with special needs moniques first word was dad at age 5 but through her dad teaching her martail arts she overcome must of that problem and reached the highest pinicle in the arts the kings cup the largest fight none to man this is what moniques movie is about overcoming odds not how much money you have so back off mr smith different story a story of faith to bad about the timing that was never meant to happen like this i never new a new karate kid was coming out i thought that legacy of karate kid 1 2 3 was over you can not re do this i loved the old karate kid and went about teaching monique in the same spirit. If i were to teach monique in the new spirit of new karate kid monique would still be a retard and would grow up on crack and coke and best job would be flipping burgers. now as a teaching for you mr smith find out how your f–king with before you start your dumb as well how can you be like that probabily born that way evil so please every leader boycott new karate kid

20 04 2010

david- i will approve your comment because i think that deep inside you have the best intentions and you do have a righteous reason for saying a lot of the things you are saying. but if one must go by the principles of martial artist, we also have to show that in all aspects of our life, including in our words. dave, you can have your opinions and are entitled to say whatever you want, after all, this is america, yes? but let go of that anger and dont let people like will smith and fake people from hollywood with millions of dollars, move you from your center, and bring bad vibes to soemthing so beautiful and inspiring as your daughter and the teaching you have passed down to her as her father. let it go, and dont worry, i have seen your YouTube videos, and believe me, EVERYONE will see how glorious and inspirational she as as long as you concentrate on HER and not all the bad things and little petty things like movies that are out and will be thrown under someone’s car seat, and fall behind somebody’s table years from now- years from now, when the new karate kid movie is long and forgotten, your daughter will still be kicking ass, and getting better stronger, and will surpass her maximum potential. To everybody, i recommend you see Dave;s little girl kick some ass on their page, or just google (Monique Sciberras) .
Click Here for David’s YouTube Channel

19 04 2010
david sciberras

So to let everybody no this blog did not turn out the way it should because computer keeped on crashing 6 times in total just on superforce page just a small thing monique sciberras pictures mixed in with smith pictures and old karate kid posters when you look at monique pictures not a problem just odd anyway just as a small invitation for this site i can send short movie to superforce page 10mins about when monique turns pro at age nine in martail arts i have three short movie and three long the clip i will send you will have 100 times more power than new karate kid because it come from teachings and ways of old karate kid only difference its real. Watch monique do battle and win so send me snail mail address and i will post to superforce. and Ralph Macchino monique would love to meet you

9 05 2010

I think everyone has a right to their own opinion. However, I think you went a little to far with the insults. I thought that picture with Will and his son was a nice one. At the end of the day wether the movie fails or not it’s none of anyone elses business what other people do. A lot of other movies get remade so I really don’t see what the big deal is on this one.

9 05 2010

lol thanks Ashley for you opinion. Every opinion counts and at the end of the day, they are just that- opinions. But come on , you have to agree its an abomination. I mean how would it look if we took Shindler’s list and made it about Africans, or take Superman and make it about God…or what if we took the the movie Lassie and made it about Pitbulls and also include the artist called Pitbull as the theme song- you catch my drift….there’s some things that are just better of left alone- even Ralph Maccio said it on Joy Behar- about how he didn’t want to be part of the new movie because he didn’t want to disturb the legacy.

And also, they already made an abomination of these movies when they made the one with Hillary Swank. A girl Karate Kid is a beautiful story, but 2 things bother me about the new one, that they have to throw the whole urban theme and ghettoness into the new one and also the fact that Will Smith ADMITTEDLY said this was a movie as a “gift” to his son. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much money to take a movie legacy and blow money on a production to give to my family member the same way we give clothes in a box as a present- and that’s what grinds my gears lol.

Thanks anyways and Happy Mother’s Day to All!

22 05 2011

are theese people serious its amovie look at it are don’t I’ve seen all of the kerate movies,and I like them.what did the new take from the older ones,nothing! I still remeber the old cast. And if some love it so much they wanted to be a part of it ,I think thats a honor,let the legacy move on I no where it came from,I no who stared it, so let the youngter injoy his gift.

10 05 2010

I have to agree with superforce this is a movie about karate not kungfu which art i dearly love they are two totaly different arts and have nothing to do with rap music and wearing 10 pound gold chains these are asian arts and we should respect them the word out in the streets of the world is that members from both codes of arts are not happy. Please leave these long standing traditions alone. First the british feed the chinese drugs to control there country now will smith will unleash his spin on chinese culture thankyou

27 05 2010

I would like to thank Superforce for this blog in bringing to the world to see not everthing in life is for sale for some things money cant buy, arts are something gained through hard work old karate kid is about morals,principles,morality,respect new karate kid lacking all of the above script has no value even though bought because its got no heart just like a cheap bell air soap

13 06 2010
Beautiful girl #1

You along with all those others speak like the “green eyed monster”. Shame on you for speaking so harshly of a child! Will Smith epitomizes “The love of a father!” Thousands of movies have been remade and I don’t hear you talking about them. Superforce, you are Super-obnoxious but hilarious! LOL! I took my grandson to see Karate Kid and not only did “I” think it was AWESOME, my grandson thought it was the 2nd coming. He wants to go and see it again and he has also asked that I buy it as soon as it comes out on CD; and I will. Jaden Smith was superb and so was the young man that played the villian. I will always love Jackie Chan! Who cares about your opinion anyway! All I can say to you is “Zippit” and to Will and Jaden I say “Yeah!! You handsome Smith men; go for what you know!” And you both know acting!.

14 06 2010

Ahhh….nice! A juicy one, finally. Finally, someone who can give an opinion- then turn around and say who cares about my opinion. BUt the thing is, I will answer you gladly. Who cares about my opinion? About 40,000 people and growing, that’s who! Just ask the listeners of my radio show. Or maybe the 1,000 people on just one of my Twitter accounts also that’s who, my dear.

Sorry but I’m going to accept your opinion, but TOTALLY disagree with you =)

Oh and lastly- Movies eventually become DVDs, not CDs like you said- get out of the Flintstones age already, My Fair Lady….LOL.

The movie will be on DVD before I stop typing this reply- Guaranteed. You can take that predication to the bank.
What Will Smith will make from this Movie will be what you and I consider 20 bucks, for him.

21 06 2010

No doubt, this is a remake film from The Karate Kid (1984), I Watch Karate Kid 2010 in cinema, The one thing I noticed the most about this film was the amount of families that attended it. I think it is the first film of the year where adults and kids can go and enjoy a film together and both come out with the same emotions and lessons learned. That would be a reflection of the film itself as it shows Mr Han learning from his student, something that gives the film a welcome twist when compared to the original.

22 10 2010

Excellent observation Alfert! If families can enjoy it together and come out of the movie with the same emotions and learning the same morals of the story, then it wasn’t a total lost at all.
But if families were looking to bond, share emotions, and learn the same morals, “talking” and communication does the job, without the hefty $45.00 tab to sit in silence for 1 and a half hours, with your family.
The film did have its welcome twists, but it was very hard to get the fact it was The “Karate Kid” that I was watching, and again, I think ‘using’ the power of that name (and it’s connection with movie buffs), was plain old extortion.
Had they NOT named it that, but STILL made it a continuation from the Old Flicks, then I would’ve given that movie a 10!

Your comment is appreciated, and your observation was very keen.
Have a nice day!

13 10 2010

Wow, what’s with the bashing of Will Smith? For one, I’ve never heard of YOU until now and two, Will Smith is my all time favorite actor, as is Jackie Chan…and as of now, since I’ve seen a few movies with Jayden Smith in them, he is on his way to be one of my favorites too. I’ve seen the original karate kid, and yes I like it, it was a good movie, but I watched this new karate kid in theaters, and LOVED IT! As a matter of fact I just bought it last night, since I seen it was out on dvd and blue ray(which I got)…if you don’t have
anything else to do with your time other than sitting on your a$$ on the computer/phone bashing Will Smith, I suggest you get a project worthwhile…oh btw kudos for you daughter, she is amazing. Now that’s all I have to say, have a good day.

22 10 2010

Well hi Amber.
Just as you have had the opportunity to speak, so can anybody, especially on this Blog, where opinions shall not be dismissed, regardless of what they may consist about.
I have my own mixed feeling about the movie- I mean, we don’t see Michael J. Fox taking the movie Roots, and doing his own rendition of it with Megan Fox as the main star, do we?
There’s just some things that shouldn’t be unearthed. THE selling point for me, that the movie was going to bomb, was when the Martial Art discipline in the NEW KK, was Kung Fu. Now, I have been known to practice and master many levels of Kung Fu, and in no way do I bash the art form, but the Movie is Called KARATE Kid.
Maybe in respect to the movie, Will Smith should have done something a little more creative and just called it Kung Fu Kid, even if it was in relation to the old KK movies.

At the end of the day, these are all opinions, and nobody, as long as the constitution stands, can pass JUDGEMENT on anybody, just because they have an opinion.

I happen to know that Mr. Sciberras is not a person who “sits on his a$$” as you stated, and that he is a dedicated, active, and phenomenal father to his daughter, who just wants her to succeed. The story goes, that he called his daughter, way before the New KK movie came out, “The Original Karate Kid”.
Circumstantially, the movie came out right when things were about to ‘pop’ for him and his daughter, and he was a little upset that the New KK movie was casting a shadow over his daughter’s real and developing aura.

Nothing more, nothing less. I thank you for you comment, and your admirable well-wishing for his daughter, has been noted.

22 05 2011

thats ok the right things never gets heard much

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