Superforce Sponsors Monique Sciberras! The Australian, Miami Connection

8 05 2010


11-26-2013 UPDATE

Sciberras are not stoping!  From new moves and techniques to perfecting the craft she is an artist at, Monique has worked very hard at maintaining a constant absorption if knowledge, and taught by some of the best around the world.   Follow her on Twitteror Like her Facebook page and show support.

Stay Tunes for more!

Watch this video of one of her recent 2013 fights.‎ 

One of her King's Cup appearances.

One of her King’s Cup appearances.



We’re not going to spoil it just yet, but, we will say that this is an inspirational story of overcoming tribulations and adversity and finding a purpose in life through the eyes of a child.

A Star is born and a new journey commences as we embark on a mission (who some say is a mission from god) to make sure the world gets the chance to see Monique Sciberras and The Sciberras Family story, which is in the works. (

Monique Sciberras is a young Australian girl who was born under difficult circumstances and who endured a rough beginning, partially because of the conditions which she was born under and also her father’s “situation”.

With a lot of perseverance, and through martial arts which he taught her, she gained the balance in her life that she needed in order to fight through these conditions.

Although we cannot give too many details now, we can say that this will be a documentary from Mount Sciberras Productions in association with Superforce Entertainment and Madskitz Studios.

COMING SOON: documentary – Monique Sciberras, better known as The Real Karate Kid.

Details: TBA

Release Date: TBA

Currently seeking more investors to contribute to this project.

Inquiries can be made by reaching us through Twitter or via Email.

For Twitter, send your Direct Message (140 characters or less) to @SuperforceUSA

Please indicate “Australia Project” on the subject line, and email:



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11 05 2010

For the Raw Sciberras Videos please check out Monique Sciberras on YouTube or Google and view demonstrations of her knowledge in the martial arts world straight out of Australia. Watch the “Little Star From Down ‘Unda” directly on

3 06 2010
pepe rodriguez


3 06 2010

muchas gracias por su opinion. ahora, me daria mucho gusto tener la opurtunidad de contarle personalmente por email sobre la historia de esta angelita. Lo que no se ve al principio no quiere decir que le falta. Ella luze como una muchachita normal pero ella tiene una fuerza tremenda espirtual. Yo soy el representante y amigo de su Papa y su familia. Esta familia a sacrificado todo para poder hacer la vida de esta muchachita mejor (y es mas profundo que eso). No se guie por la carita de angelita que ella tiene- ella es una furia y ya a volado y ganado titulos por alrrededor del mundo y ahora esta haciendo la transicion para el deporte que le conviene mas, Boxeo.
Seria un plazer si tuviaramos unos cuantos momentos para poder explicarle la historia de ella en breve, para que usted vea que tremendo es los que estamos diciendo.

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