How To Make Money Blogging or With Your Site

18 04 2010

We put together this video to help online marketers and newbies learn the ways to monetize their sites and blogs.  Special attention should be given to SEO and extras like that, which are mentioned in this video, but not reviewed.

This video is to teach you how to use Blogger and WordPress to Cash in and Make Money online.  For details and more information on SEO and more Internet Marketing topics, please visit our BLOGGING FOR CASH site:

$uperforce Blogging


19 02 2010

Make your craigslist ad something somebody wants, first of all!  Take the example below for example, which I’m sure has to appeal to someone out there.  But, notice the interesting expression and truth behind it, regardless of how vulgar, annoying, funny, or insulting you find it.

Even if the author of that ad was doing it for personal entertainment purposes, you got to admit, it’s still funny, and there is SOMETHING we can learn from it. The lesson learned is:

If anything, a blunt capturing ad, goes a long way in advertising.

via google

via google