11 03 2010


The TWO Coreys have officially been reduced to just ONE Corey.  Corey Feldman must be heart broken, as these two, regardless of their tenacious friendship and shaky relationship, were inseparable.

Corey Haim, a 1980s teen heartthrob whose career was blighted by drug abuse, reportedly lost his battle with addiction on the morning of March 10, 2010. He was 38.

According to the celebrity Web site, TMZ, Haim died of an overdose of drugs and was found by his mother at his apartment. Police say there was no evidence of foul play.

Haim acknowledged his struggle with drug abuse in an interview with a British tabloid in 2004.”I was working on ’Lost Boys’ when I smoked my first joint,” he told The Sun. “I did cocaine for about a year and a half, then it led to crack.” Haim said he went into rehabilitation and was put on prescription drugs.

In a 2007 interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Haim called himself “a chronic relapser for the rest of my life.”



Supporters and friends pour out in remembrance of the 80’s teen star, and share with us a couple of words on how it has affected them.

• Vivica A. Fox, Shark City costar: “We will miss this wonderfully talented young man, it was a pleasure to have worked with him, may God bless his family at this most difficult time.”

• Nicole Eggert, Blown Away costar and ex-girlfriend: “I am very saddened at the news of Corey’s death and that he was unable to overcome the demons he so deeply struggled with. It is tragic and my heart and well wishes go out to his family. May he finally be in peace.”

• Todd Bridges, The Two Coreys guest star: “Corey Haim was a good friend of mine and he will be missed. Too many people are dying way too young and it’s sad because of the loved ones who are left behind to understand what happened and to feel the loss. I hope he’s in a better place.”

• Brooke McCarter and Billy WorthThe Lost Boys costars: “We love Corey Haim. He had a spirit that was beautiful and he had a lot of love to share with his friends. It’s a real sad day. Once a lost boy always a lost boy. Corey Haim had an amazing heart. He got caught up in Hollywood. He was an A-caliber actor. Everyone cared about him. Our thoughts and prayers are out to his friends and family and his mom, Judy Haim. Let’s all remember the Corey Haim they all loved.”

• Greg Goldman, The Two Coreys creator: “The last time I spoke to Corey was two months ago and he was in good spirits. He was very optimistic, he was helping his mom, who was sick, and was very optimistic that she would be OK and was very optimistic about his career. He was a positive guy. He had a very infectious laugh…Anyone who was close with Corey Haim knew he battled with a lot of severe demons through the years…It was out biggest fear that it would just become too much and he would fall off for good…He wanted to do anything and everything. His passion was acting—in front of the camera or on stage—he wanted to do it.”

• Troy Searer, The Two Coreys executive producer: “I was deeply saddened by the news of Corey’s passing. At his core he was a kind, generous and extremely talented guy. Unfortunately, his immeasurable heart and potential seemed to be in constant battle with his demons. He was a caring son and friend and he will be missed very much.”

•A&E, The Two Coreys network: “We are saddened by the tragic loss of Corey Haim who we had the pleasure to work with on the series The Two Coreys. Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.”

Corey Haim final project he was currently working on,  Shark City: He WILL be missed.