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17 08 2012

There’s a new site online creating a buzz. A new kind of geek is looking out for the technically disabled and the services are monstrous! Where else can you get affordable technical support, fix your home or business network issues, and maintain your website with graphic design and website creation?, that’s where!

With an independent graphic and web design firm backing them up with over 15 years of experience, this organization does it all!

Live local and remote support, email inquiries, and phone support. It’s like having your own personal IT guy, or girl, of that suits you better.

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Superforce Sponsors Monique Sciberras! The Australian, Miami Connection

8 05 2010


11-26-2013 UPDATE

Sciberras are not stoping!  From new moves and techniques to perfecting the craft she is an artist at, Monique has worked very hard at maintaining a constant absorption if knowledge, and taught by some of the best around the world.   Follow her on Twitteror Like her Facebook page and show support.

Stay Tunes for more!

Watch this video of one of her recent 2013 fights.‎ 

One of her King's Cup appearances.

One of her King’s Cup appearances.



We’re not going to spoil it just yet, but, we will say that this is an inspirational story of overcoming tribulations and adversity and finding a purpose in life through the eyes of a child.

A Star is born and a new journey commences as we embark on a mission (who some say is a mission from god) to make sure the world gets the chance to see Monique Sciberras and The Sciberras Family story, which is in the works. (

Monique Sciberras is a young Australian girl who was born under difficult circumstances and who endured a rough beginning, partially because of the conditions which she was born under and also her father’s “situation”.

With a lot of perseverance, and through martial arts which he taught her, she gained the balance in her life that she needed in order to fight through these conditions.

Although we cannot give too many details now, we can say that this will be a documentary from Mount Sciberras Productions in association with Superforce Entertainment and Madskitz Studios.

COMING SOON: documentary – Monique Sciberras, better known as The Real Karate Kid.

Details: TBA

Release Date: TBA

Currently seeking more investors to contribute to this project.

Inquiries can be made by reaching us through Twitter or via Email.

For Twitter, send your Direct Message (140 characters or less) to @SuperforceUSA

Please indicate “Australia Project” on the subject line, and email:

Lindsay Lohan Sues eTrade for $100M – Milkaholic Baby Ad

12 03 2010

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is infamous for her well-known and publicized issues with drug abuse.  What movies has she been in? Let’s see, that Mean Girls flick, and some other one about a Car or a Bug or something, and some random ones I recall that had a lot of scenes in a mall.  Other than that, Lohan is best known for her crazy lifestyle.

To think that the ridiculousness of her dad’s “legal views and ways” have been pushed aside as she takes the throne in Lohan Legality Ridiculousness-ses!

She made headlines again this week by failing to turn up for a Paris show by fashion house Ungaro. Until her no-show, everyone still believed that Lohan was Ungaro’s “artistic adviser.” Apparently not.

A day later, she makes more headlines with this nine-figure suit.

“They’re using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn’t they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody’s talking about it and saying it’s Lindsay Lohan,” Stephanie Ovadia, Lohan’s lawyer, told the Post.

Ovadia suggested that Lohan has elevated ‘Lindsay’ to the same sort of one-off recognition status as ‘Madonna’ or ‘Cher’. If that’s so, she’s not helping the brand.

For their part, the agency behind the ad told the Post that Lindsay was named after a member of their account team.


Are you serious. Lindsay?  Why have you been reduced to such pettyness?  So I guess when someone use the word “yellow”, Yellow Pages should sue the pants off whoever uses the word YELLOW; because OBVIOUSLY if they used the word yellow, they MUST BE talking about The Yellow Pages telephone book (and by the way, I bolded the words “telephone book”, incase you have no idea what Yellow Pages is, Lindsay), as it is VERY CLEAR and EVIDENT that your whole concept of life is a trinity comprised of a House, a Movie Set, and a Club.

Guess what?????  Lindsay is a name other people give their babies when they are born!!

39% Of Bagged Salad Is Gross, Some Has Poop

26 02 2010

39% Of Bagged Salad Is Gross, Some Has Poop ?~!!

Food Safety and Handling for Consumers

Superforce stumbled upon an article that we wish to share with the world, in order to raise awareness of a growing problem, right in our own backyard.

We obtained this information, through The Consumerist, and here is the story, with By Ben Popken on February 25, 2010 3:55 PM

As we told you earlier this month, sister pub Consumer Reports tested 208 bagged salads and found 39% had excessive bacteria, including fecal contamination. That means there’s poop in the greens. And now there’s something you can do about it.

Consumer Reports tested for total coliforms and other bacteria including enterococcus. According to industry experts, 10,000 or more colony forming units per gram (CFU/g) is excessive. The tests of 16 different brands had 39% exceeded that level for total coliforms, and 23% for enterococcus.

Hate spinach? Bacteria doesn’t. Many of the unacceptable packages contained spinach and were within 1-5 days of their use-by date. Bag vs clamshell, organic vs non, baby greens or no baby greens, made no difference. And packages that were 5-8 days until their use-by date fared better.

Even if the package says super-duper-washed, you should still wash them by hand. Or, better yet, just buy your salad elements separately, wash them, and chop them.

The big problem is the FDA hasn’t set limits for how much poop or other bacteria can be in bagged salad. Tell ’em to get crackin’ by signing this petition.

Bagged salad: How clean? [Consumer Reports]


What’s Hot On Google

18 02 2010

We learn something new everyday, ay??

Twitter Strategies and You Tube Video Explanation on Twitter Tips

27 08 2009

Bad Business Twitter Strategies

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Are You Committing the Sinful Five, You Twit?

You want to bring your business to Web 2.0 standards. Myspace takes some effort, and Facebook isn’t exactly business-friendly. Naturally, your next stop is Twitter, the microblogging powerhouse utilized by small businesses, -celebrities and the average Joe — your target audience.   But many businesses fail on Twitter within the first few months, mostly because they utilize bad business Twitterstrategies.

Many businesses think they can abuse Twitter with links and promotions, but that is the quickest way to lose potential customers and gain spam status.

Here is what you need to avoid.

Bad Business Twitter Strategies
1. Only posting links or promotional content. Twitter is a personable social networking platform, and using it only for promotion goes against what Twitter stands for. Your Twitteraudience probably does not like receiving spam mail or spam phone calls, and it won’t work on Twitter either. If you need a place to post promotional material, use your website. Or better yet, stick with print ads.

The average Twitter wants interesting, personal content, not a ad ripped from Sunday’s newspaper. If you must post business links, keep it sparse. And make sure to add a personal touch when posting. Twitters appreciate it.

2. Listening to so-called “Social Media Marketing experts”. For every five twitters, there’s one twitter that claims to be an expert in social media. They have a taste for spam and like to post links to blogs spouting off their knowledge about how to amass a huge following. Note: they don’t tell you how to gain a solid, strong following where the Twitters are actually interested in what you have to say. If you look closely at their own followers, it consists of — big surprise here — spammers and so-called Social Media Marketing experts. Experts who are too busy promoting their own business. People who are interested in quantity, not quality. These experts utilize bad business Twitter strategies by focusing on the number, not the profit.

If an expert chooses to follow you or give you advice, you know where the block button is.

3. Reposting the same information. It seems like common sense, but many businesses retweet their own information, sometimes several times a day. Businesses: Would you call your customers several times a day to promote a sale?

Of course not, unless you want a proverbial kick in the balls.  I don’t know why businesses think these are good Twitter strategies, but they do it anyways, throwing up the same links and information several times a day. You want to get unfollowed? Then by all means, do this. But if you want to avoid bad Twitter strategies, start by stopping the retweets to yourself, the redistribution of this morning’s information, and constant spamming of sales. People don’t want to hear your message repeated several times a day, and your average Joe will block you faster than you can say “Please RT!”.

4. Posting too much. Using your Twitter regularly is a good thing, but be careful not to overdo it. If it would get your banned in a chatroom, avoid it on Twitter. It’s bad to post five times in a row. It’s worse to do it every day. Posting too much in a day or posting several times in a row are bad business strategies you should always avoid. If you must, leave one or two hours between tweets, and make sure the content is relevant. And as always, trim down any retweets, as it counts as repetitive information that no one likes to hear.

5. Too many retweets. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea — it really isn’t. Businesses think that retweeting information that includes them to their own Twitter will drive traffic and sales, and while it might, it’s alsocompletely annoying. Maybe your Social Media Marketing experts won’t mind since they won’t read your content anyways, but for the average Joe will mind. If you have to retweet, make sure it’s not promotional. No one minds if you retweet about a missing child or Michele Bachmann’s crazy antics. But if you continuously retweet information about the new renovations in your store, people will get very, very annoyed with you.

Video courtesy of EventsListed

Bad Business Twitter Strategies – Another Word of Advice
The most important thing for businesses to remember is this — don’t be fake, don’t be annoying, and for heaven’s sake, don’t be too promotional. Remember, if a Twitter fan says hi, the correct response is not “Hi, have you seen our latest sale? Find more information here!”. The key word is honesty. If you see a so-called Social Media Marketing expert doing it, do the opposite (since they’re the kings of bad business twitter strategies, you know). Keep that in mind, Twitter honestly, and watch the followers trickle in. You’ll feel better about it too.

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18 08 2009

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