Trump, Republicans, and The Rest of America.

With violent apathy and passive aggression cranking up, the US has taken a whole new system of convoluted values since President Trump’s 2016 election and “new America”. Democrats and Republicans split as if there are 2 countries. Republicans stuck on self-righteousness push backs, unwillingness to admit extremely alarming issues about the President, and behaviors that almost seem like a spell has been casted over them- and the results at our expense. To the Republican cult: “We understand that if you alienate 65 percent of the population with an extreme position, you can be on the moral high ground and not get anything done.” There are several good things about this presidency. Achievements are a given, but the most prominent “good thing” is that we see a large some of the population’s true colors. #WomenInAmerica For the first time since the Great Recession, women outnumber men in the American workforce, with women holding 50.04% of all jobs.#WomenInTheWorkforce #AbortionLaws Donald Trump becomes the first sitting president to personally attend the annual March for Life anti-abortion protest in Washington, D.C. *Although #PresidentTrump is pro-life/anti-abortion and advocate ‘making more children’ if it comes down to it or having an abortion, in Public as President AND example to kids. Especially being all over the news. With Trump being such influential figure to American families, his behavior is a pause for concern and highly questionable. As adults and the most influential figures in our childrens’ lives, what dangerous hidden or obvious permutations of setting the example are we transferring to them? Former #national #security #advisor #JohnBolton announces his willingness to testify in the Senate #impeachment trial of President Trump. Politics and Current State of America Persian Gulf crisis: #President #DonaldTrump approves the targeted killing of notorious Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi paramilitary leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in Baghdad, Iraq, without the consultation of #Congress. Sources: (Alliance of the Free Press) (Wikipedia) (Fox) (Wall Street Journal) #impeachmenttrial #donaldtrumpamerica #maga #republicans #democratsfortrump #womenfortrump #christiansfortrump #trumpelection #elections2020 #usa2020 #OurCartoonPresident

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